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Hey peeps!

I worked on a less special outfit, wanted it to look more plain.
Well, here we go.

Shape - Tilly - Schism shape *marketplace*
Skin - birdy - Maisie Skin *group gift inworld*
Eyes - Chop Shop - Real Frost *marketplace*

Dress Up!
Blazer - Cysleek - Mesh Chocolate Velvet Blazer *marketplace*
Pants - Cysleek - Aki Pants Black *marketplace*
Top - abrasive - Splatter Bandana Top (applier included) *marketplace*

Oldie but Goldie
Necklace - tea.s - Like a Sir 
Kicks - Akeyo Zupra

I needed something simple… Here we go!

Pants - BarmaleY  ”Energy Blue” *inworld*
Top - Suicidal Unborn - Yay top red *marketplace*
Hair - lamb. - Pocket Knife “Chocolate” *inworld*
Lips - Rozena - Kiss Kiss Bubble Gum *inworld*

Oldie but Goldie
Shoes - Akeyo - Akeyo Zupra with HUD *marketplace*&*inworld*
Shape - Dead Apples - “Ari Reference” *inworld*
Skin - Dead Apples - Ari Porcelain *inworld*

Izzy here! 

Let me introduce Nikki, a good friend from the neighborhood. Kind of! Nikki and I had a lot of trouble at the beginning, but we grew together. :) 
Well, I wanted to dedicate some posts to her, cause she’s a really lovely person. We hang out yesterday and I took her with me to a photo studio. 

And this is one of the results! 

Shape - Skumtomte - Sirap *marketplace* 
Skin - tsg. - Baby A Tone *marketplace*
Head - UTILIZATOR - Mesh Anime Head M3 *marketplace*
Hair - Eaters Coma - Hair 39 
Boobies - LOLAS Tango Mirage

Dress Up! 
X-DollZ - Shiny Latex Pony Pants *marketplace*

DAMNED - Lollipop (color change) *marketplace*

Weekend feeling!

<3 <3 

Shape - Mattie - Tilly Schism Shape *marketplace*
Skin - birdy. - Ashley *marketplace* 
Eyes - Chop Shop - Dreaming White *marketplace*
Hair - Maitreya Saar - Blacks *marketplace*

Dress Up! 
Blouse - Vitrimi - Long Blouse White *marketplace*
Pants - Poison - Skinny Black Jeans *marketplace*
Shoes - Bodylicious - PolkaDot High Heels *marketplace*
Necklace - tea.s - Like a Sir

Known Items <3 
Tattoo - Sleepy Bozer - Sugar&Spice2

Izzy here with a little update! 

Summer finally arrived in RL over here, so I decided to dress up and welcome the new season with my arms wiiiiide open! 

Skin - Dead Apples “Ari” porcelain *inworld*
Shape - Dead Apples “Ari” (included if you decide to buy a skin pack) *inworld* 
Eyes - Dead Apples - Phatom Eyes *inworld*
Hair - *Milk* - “Butterflies” Black&White

Beautify Me!
Moles - Dead Apples - Fatpack *inworld* 
Lashes - Fluffy Falsies *marketplace*
Eye make up - Matte cat eyeliner *marketplace*
Lips - Dead Apples - Lipgloss Pack! *inworld* & *marketplace*
Nose - Cobrahive - Nose Swirl *marketplace*
Tattoo - Sleepy Bozer - Sugar&Spice 2 *inworld* 

Dress Up! 
Dress - Peqe - Floral Jersey Dress *marketplace*
Shoes - DC Skate - B/W Sneakers *marketplace*

That’s it <3 

Kisses & Hugs!


Izzy here! 

I just wanted to show you a really beautiful place. Uhm.. two exactly! This is Chouchou, a place where you can listen to music, or just hang out and enjoy the light shows. 
The cathedral is a part of Chouchou, and it’s called Memento mori. Another destination you can travel to by using the teleport on the ladder on Chouchou.

Gestures and voice aren’t allowed to use over there.

Have a nice evening!
Kisses and hugs


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